Wow I can't believe it has already been a month since I last posted so much for that once a week thing huh. I have been knitting like crazy though so hopefully that evens out with the lack of posting. Since I last posted I finished 3 pairs of socks & a hat. I have been wanting to cast on everything as of late but I am trying not to overwhelm myself with a ton of projects. So on with the knitting good.

Finished Objects- Not in finished order Click the link for more info

Socks Of Awesomeness

Tarts Thurlow

Himalayan My Cables

Ravellnic Glory of Innocence

I have three projects on the needles at the moment. I only have a picture of one of them.

This little guy is part of Tony the Toy Box Monster from Rebecca Danger for the little boy of a friend.

The other two things I don't have pictures for yet are socks for Mk & a Hitchhiker by Martina Behm out of Wollmeise.


A Quickie....

This won't be an in depth post because I got sock knitting I need to get back to lol. I think the games end in a week or so I gotta get moving . I will post a picture of where I am on both pairs of socks. Also I am making Falafel from scratch tonight for dinner I will talk about that in the next post & share the recipe. Happy Knitting.


It's Olympics Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know alot of people have decided to not watch the Olympics this year due to all of the controversy that is going on in Russia. Let me preface this by post by telling you why I am watching the Olympics. I am a lover of all things sports (granted there are some I don't watch) but nonetheless I love sports & that is why I am watching the Olympics this year.

I am watching to root for the athletes who have sacrificed time away from their families to pursue something that has brought them great joy. To watch them do sports I could or would never do ( I HATE snow with a passion). My favorite Winter events are Hockey, Nordic Combine & Curling. I have an unhealthy love for Curling lol. But anyways that is why I am watching the Winter Olympics. Plus did you see some of he awesome knitwear that was on display in the walk of Nations?  Are you watching the Olympics ?

As we knitters know when the Olympics hit so doesn't the Ravellnic games. This year my challenge is to complete 2 pairs of socks & maybe a hat during the games. I have one of the socks started from opening ceremonies.

The yarn I am using for that is Unique Sheep Pashmi in the Himalaya Colorway

The yarn I am using is Into The Whirled Tchula Sock in the End of Innocence Colorway

As for a hat pattern I have nothing picked out yet probably nothing to detailed. If you are participating in the Ravellnic game or heck even if you aren't what are you knitting ?


February Already ???

I woke up to the realization that today was indeed February 1st. How did we get here so fast ? Honestly didn't we just celebrate New Years ? Today starts 30 days of juicing for me. Which means I will have one drink a day that is juiced this isn't a cleansing or anything just getting more fruits & veggies in. I will also still be having smoothies (since you can't juice bananas lol). Today I had 2 apples with a 1/2 cup each of blackberries, raspberries & grapes mixed in & man it was good. I need to try spinach & things like that to get a variety going so I don't get bored.

On the knitting front I have only finished 2 things so far this year a pair of socks & a hat. I am still working on my scrap blanket & I have also casted on a shawl but who knows if that will stay on the needles or what.  I also frogged 2 of the 3 UFO's I had going I really want to finish the last one I need to check to see where I am in the pattern. I am ready for the Ravellnic Games to start I have my yarn & projects decided on. My challenge to myself is to see if I can finish 2 pairs of socks one cabled & one vanilla during the games. I may also try to get a hat in there too. (See I told you crazy). Do you plan on participating in the games if so what are your plans ??

Finished Objects Links take you to my project page on Ravelry

New Years Man of Mystery 

Shiver Me Bald Head


A Sports Fans Take...

I need to get something off my chest feel free to ignore that is your choice. This is about football & the Richard Sherman controversy. Feel free to ignore if you don't care about football or Sherman but I need to say this. His rant last night was a bit much for some people. Could he have toned it down some sure.

Does it feed into what some people think about him being a thug & what not maybe so, but at the same time have we all not said crap in the heat of the moment & if you never have congratulations to you then.

But the people who are out there talking about his mother didn't raise him well are you freaking kidding me Sherman is a GROWN MAN what he says has nothing to do with how his mother raised him. I am sure many kids who were raised great have said or done stupid stuff in their lives.

Last time I checked a lot of NFL teams have people on their teams who said & did some really stupid crap but no one decided to lump the whole team together or call them a disgraceful team like people are doing to the Seahawks because of what Sherman said.

Heck I will be the first to say some of the Hawks player have made dumb decisions this year but at the same time nothing was given to them in any of the games they played just like nothing was given to any of the teams who were in the Playoffs they all played their butts off to make it through.

Before anyone brings up the whole PEDs thing with some of the players this is a serious issue & it does need to be addressed by the Owners & coaches because it overshadows everything the team has done but not everyone on the team was using them.

I guess the purpose of my rant is don't judge a team by the actions of a few people on that team.