Bind Off One Cast On Two..

I have to say the needles have been clicking here at Casa de Rae. I just got done finishing up another baby hat you can get 3 baby/toddler hats from a ball of Patons yarn (depending on your gauge & needle size). The last baby hat I did was just plain knitting but the decreases she did was like the one you use on socks the ssk & k2tog it came out very cute on the top of the hat.

I caved & started another project as if the socks & the baby blanket weren't enough I casted(is that even really a word or should it be cast on ?) on a shawl I told you guys ever since that Traveling Woman shawl that is all I can think about on that note sadly I now have 47 or 48 things in my cart on Raverly & a majority of them are shawls.  I cast on Deirdre by Linden Down. I am using the yarn that I started using on Charlotte Version 1 before I changed yarns. I haven't gotten very far on it so really I don't think anyone want's to see it.

I am moving along on the socks which I call Halloweenies due to their color & well let's be honest there is no way in hell they will be done by Halloween well not this years anyways lol there is always next year.  Damien's baby blanket is moving on its way just not very fast I guess if you have a project you call Tv knitting it would actually help to watch tv at some point to knit on it huh. Well off to make blog rounds & maybe some knitting.


Dee said...

You've been busy, busy --- love the Halloweenie socks.

AC said...

Ugh, I always wonder the same thing...cast-on or casted-on??