Trust Your Instincts

After all these years of knitting you would have thought by now that I would have learned to trust my instincts but sadly no I haven't. Last night I began adding the letters on the blanket I am happily knitting along then I look at it & it doesn't look right but I say to myself nah its ok. Well guess what no it wasn't ok after I stopped & looked at it I realized the letters where on backwards. Meaning the wrong side of the letters was showing on the right side of the blanket.

Thankfully I was only 4 rows into the letters & I had put a lifeline in plus I took good notes so I could remember where to put the stitch markers & everything lets just say math isn't my best subject. So last night I ripped back the 4 wrong rows & put it away so that I could clear my head & start fresh this morning. Which is exactly what I did I made sure I fixed my notes to show my changes & went on my merry way. I will say this it is hard as crap to read from 3 different patterns as I knit each letter but I am doing it. I like the way it is coming out if I could I would go back & changed a thing but I am knee deep into these letters so there is no going back now lol.

At the present time the blanket is 25 1/2 inches in width & 24 inches in length by the time I am done the blanket should be fairly long. I am debating after I finish the letters I might knit a few more inches back in the original pattern or I may bind off & call it done but I haven't decided on that yet I will see how it looks once the letters are done which hopefully I will be done by tomorrow night or Friday night at the latest.  I included a picture of the blanket in its current state if you click on the picture you can see the start of the letters. Sorry about the crappy picture its a mixture of a dark navy blue yarn & the horrible lighting in my bedroom( I need to get a light box badly). In case you are wondering the initials are DAJ.


Dee said...

Glad you are back on the right track now. Geez --- I have trouble reading ONE chart sometimes.

goldenbird said...

Good thing you took notes and added a lifeline. I have yet to knit a blanket, but I hope to start one soon.

AC said...

Oh dude...that totally sounds like something I would do. Good thing you didn't get too far, I'd probably have been halfway done, look at down at it, and realize "Crap."