"Organization Shall Set You Free"

That was on an episode of Good Eats I watched awhile ago I love that show. But I digress back to what I was saying. My big thing for 2011 is going to be organization. I am so tired of not knowing where stuff I need it especially with my knitting. You have no idea how many place I keep finding yarn (well actually since some if not all of you are knitters/crocheters then you do know) in the oddest places around here thankfully nothing in the fridge or freezer yet so I need to fix this before that happens.

 With that being said I want to introduce you to my newest way to get organized
I plan on buying the 3 cube & nine cube cabinets (after taxes). Those 2 cabinets plus this one will contain everything knitting related. I want it all in one place. I plan on getting a bunch of Rubbermaid totes to get the closets around here taking care of too.
 On the bookcase next to the cabinet you can see my 2 Green Bay Packers glasses I need to get some for the New England Patriots & Seahawks when I got the Packers they were out of the other 2 teams. You can also see the ridiculous collection of phone books seriously we got all those this year alone.
 Who needs that many phone books ???

On the second shelf is a Winnie The Pooh Puzzle that I got a couple of Christmases ago. I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan. The reason the puzzle isn't together is because of this.
Its not so much the 1000 pieces that are the problem its the fact that it is Photomosaic which according to means To make the puzzles, thousands of small, colorful images are blended to create a larger picture. I hope to get it done some time next year lol.  How do you organize your knitting/crocheting/crafting supplies ??

Quote of The Day
~If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!  Mark Twain~


Sara said...

Good luck organizing. I plan on doing some of the same in the coming weeks.

pip said...

I like clear plastic containers with lids... easy to stack and you can see what's inside :)

Dee said...

Yarn is in the cedar chest. Cross stitch patterns are in one Rubbermaid tote and fabric/notions are in another one.

All my sewing supplies are in a traditional sewing box.

I'm still trying to figure out the floss issue. I'm switching from those little cardboard thingies to Floss Away Bags. I had the Floss Aways in a sterilite box, but you can't see the colors. So, I'm thinking of moving them to rings.
We'll see --- I think that is going to be my 2011 project. Weed out the unused floss and organize the ones that remain.