In Awe Of It...

Have you ever knit something that you were totally in awe of after you made it ? Well that was me earlier this week. In the last post I showed a picture of the hat I just started for Mk. In case you didn't  read the last post the hat is the Sea Beanie by Elena Nodel. I wasn't very far into the hat just a  few inches of seeing the cables. 

Let me preface this by saying this is the biggest cable project I have ever done. I also told Mk if he loses this hat I will have to hurt him. Anyways I finished the hat on the 24th & OMG I honestly didn't want to give up. I am not a hat wearer so me keeping it made no sense. 

 Front of the Hat

Left Cable            
Right Cable

I am going to do something I don't normally do & pat myself on the back. I honestly think this hat looks awesome. It fits Mk great & I didn't screw up the cables its a win win for me lol.

I also finally cast on my Pomme de Pin socks by Nicole Masson. I was originally going to reverse the pattern & knit it cuff down instead of toe-up which is how its written but I decided I would stick it out so with the short row heel. I haven't had much practice with the short row heel so I figured give it a try I am sure I will end up finding another sock pattern at some point that I like and will want to make that has a short row heel.

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Dee said...

Very nice hat. Love the cable the looks like a pretzel! Congrats on the finish.