In With The New...

Happy New Years to everyone/ I can honestly say I am happy I am to see 2012 gone. Here is to 2013 being a heck of alot better then last year. Seeing how we are on the 1st day of the new year I decided I would post my knitting/blogging goals for 2013. Hopefully I do alot better with these this year then I did last year.  Below the goals for this year are the goals I had for 2012 & how those worked out.

  • Knit 6 Pairs of socks
  • Knit 6 Shawls or Shawlettes
  • Knit at least one pair of mittens
  • Knit at least 1 monster
  • Do more color work
  • Steek something
  • Join at least 2 KAL's
  • Join a swap
  • Knit 6 Christmas ornaments (one ornament for each family)
  • Knit 3000 yards
  • Log all stash on Ravelry 
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Knit for a charity
  • Knit more from the patterns in my Ravelry library 
  • Learn to spin
I will add more as they come to me....

Goals for 2012 & how I did...

Knit 6 Shawls or Shawlette's  (all must be started after Jan 1, 2012 any on the needles before then don't count) -DONE 10 in total
Knit at least 3 pairs of socks -DONE
Knit one dishcloth a month-DONE
Knit felted bowls for Christmas-Didn't happen
Learn Intarsia-DONE
Learn Fair Isle-Didn't Happen
Steek something-Didn't Happen
Join at least 3 KAL's -DONE
Join a yarn club-DONE joined In To the Whirled
Join a swap -Didn't happen
Practice on a drop spindle more -Didn't happen
Knit for charity or worthwhile cause-DONE (Hats for Grandma -Sillyfru)
Knit hats to Chemo center- only 1 done 
BLOG MORE OFTEN (granted its not knitting related but I still need to do it)-SLACKED BIG TIME
Finish up all WIP from 2011-Didn't happen still have Fire Queen on the needles from 2011


Janet said...

Good luck with your goals for the new year. I'm still pondering on mine and trying to work out a few details. Happy New Year!

Dee said...

Still looks like you made some great progress!

Good luck with your 2013 goals. You can do eeettt! LOL

Happy new year! This one HAS to be better than the last one, right????