What's New....

Since the last time I posted I have cast on a new project & I am also about to start on the heel of my Pomme de Pin socks. I will talk about the socks first since I have a picture. I am about to start the short row heel on them & I have to say I am a bit nervous about it. I have only ever done one other pair of toe up socks & the heel on the socks was my nemesis. This time I plan on putting in some waste yarn just in case I need to rip back (cross your fingers for me ). I decided to cast on the second sock before I started the heel on sock #1 .                               

The second thing I started was the Vermillion shawl by Carolina Diez. I have knit this shawlette before & I really enjoyed it. This time I am making it for one of the five gifts for  2013 Creative Pay It Forward. 
I found out about it on Plurk the first 5 people who respond to your Plurk (they also have to replurk it) get something handmade from you this year. This will help knock a few things off my knitting goals list at the same time. I am using Cascade Heritage Handpaints in a pretty Blue/ Purple combo. I will post a picture of it next time all I have so far is the stockinette knitting done. 

I also recast on my Hemlock Ring blanket let's hope I have better luck with it this time then I had last time. I will also post a picture of that the next time I blog.


Dee said...

A lifeline is never a bad idea when trying something *tricky*. The foot of the sock looks great.

Jadielady said...

hehee I clicked on the link to the Vermillion shawl, went to add it to my que, and it was already there.. I think maybe I need to work on that!