This, That & Everything In Between

As you can see it has been longer then a week since I last blogged, seriously the weeks are flying by faster then I can  keep track of. I have been doing a fair amount of knitting on somethings & other items haven't even been touched.

I finished the Ampersand socks that I talked about in the last post. They didn't fit Mk but they have already been given to someone else who loves them & they fit well too. Maybe I should just start knitting socks for various people around the world lol.  I really enjoyed knitting these socks the fact they were knit out of Sport Weight yarn didn't hurt either. You have to love a pattern that is only a 2 row repeat.  Socks that Rock Mediumweight yarn was a dream to knit with I will have to get my hand on some more.

Since the last socks didn't fit Mk I decided to cast on another pair for him with more Sport Weight yarn this time I am using Knit Picks Felici Sport in Recess. I am doing them toe-up this time using a pattern by Wendy D Johnson called Sport Weight Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel (5/15/07).

I am not sure if the heels will throw off the stripes but if so its no big deal. Hopefully since the Ampersand socks only took me 11 days hopefully I can get these done before the end of March so I can enter them in the Must-Stash Podcast sock KAL.

I have also been working on the Got Twist socks along the way. I am done with the Gusset on the left foot I need to finish the one on the right & then on to the foot. The Hemlock Ring nor the shawl have gotten much of any work done. I think I knit a few rows of stockinette on the shawl I really need to get moving on that. I cast on a blanket out of Super Bulky yarn just to get it out of my stash let me say  good grief size 13 needles are ridiculous to knit with (this coming from a girl who rarely knits on anything higher then size 6's. I haven't gotten very far so nothing picture worthy I am just knitting in stockinette I just want it gone lol.  Other then that not much else is going on except I want to cast on another cable hat someone talk me down. I have enough on the needles already right ???

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