Its been almost a month since I last blogged not really sure exactly how that happened. But here I am back at it & back to trying to blog at least once a week I have been knitting alot since the last post & I have also been frogging alot but I still have plenty on the needles(all while trying to talk myself out of casting on more). So let us pick up where we left off last month (side tangent how the heck is it already March really 2013 slow the heck down some will ya). On to the knitting. Last time I posted I was knitting the Pomme de Pin socks, a baby hat & a shawl. Well the socks & baby hat are done but the shawl has been ripped out & the yarn is back in the stash.  I will cover the new knitting then show you the finished objects

I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles (yea crazy I know) one pair is in Fingering Weight & the other is Sport Weight. The first pair is Got Twist ? by Niki Vogler. These socks are feeding my cable addiction I have going on right now. They are knit out of  Fibermorphosis Artisan Dyed Yarn there was no colorway listed. I am about ready to start the heel flaps then its smooth sailing on the feet & toes

Next socks on the needles are the Ampersand socks by Kirsten Kapur. These socks are for two KAL's that are going on. One is for the Knitabulls group you have to use Socks that Rock . The other one is for the Must Stash Podcast Sock It To Me March-Month of Socks KAL. These are knit out of Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the colorway Persephone's Persimmons. I am actually farther then the pictures show I am half way through with the foot on the first sock. I hope to have them done this weekend.  I will say omg I have to invest in more sport weight yarn because these socks are flying off the needles I cast them on March 1st & they are almost done. Gimme more sportweight yarn lol

I cast the Hemlock Ring Blanket back on again using the same yarn I used before. I haven't gotten very far but here is a picture anyways. I am using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the colorway Flannery Red. I love Berroco Ultra Alpaca & Ultra Alpaca Fine.. I also have a start of a baby hat & shawl on the needles I will post pics of them next time neither are very far into the knitting.

Finished Objects

Pomme de Pin Socks by Nicole Masson

Also finished was a baby hat called Ahimsa Newborn Hat by Jenna Greer. I made a small design on the front just to change it up a bit I can't remember exactly what I did either I will try it again at some point & write it down.

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