HItting The Ground Running..

I am finally back on track with things & ready to get back to blogging (not sure if anyone is even still around to read it lol).  I have actually been knitting quite a bit since the last post about knitting so lets get to it shall we first let me say I frogged the Woodland Spring Shawl shortly after I blogged. I just wasn't feeling it. I think I was the yarn/pattern combo. but I'm sure I will cast it on again at some point & maybe actually finish it.

I have 4 WIP's but only have a picture of one of them & I am further along than the picture shows.  I will get pictures of the other projects & post them next time. On the needles I have 2 shawls & 2 pairs of socks (which I also need to make Ravelry project pages for 2 of them).

On the needles

1.Multnomah by Katie Ray
2.Westlake by Stephen West
3.Afterthought Heel Toe Up Self Striping Pattern by Carrie Ramirez (1st ever afterthought heel)
4.Basic Socks by Johanna Marsan

Finished Objects-there will be links to my project pages 

Blue Twisty

Sockhead in the Moonlight

I think that is everything I have finished. Also Tour de Fleece (you spin everyday of the Tour de France except on rest days you can rest then too) is going on right now & I am trying my hand at learning to drop spindle. I will post a picture next time I blog of what I have so far.

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